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Donald Kerry Frey’s Technological Vision

October 22, 2017
Prolific tech industry entrepreneur Donald Kerry Frey founded his Frey Robotics ( tech news website out of his strong belief that information is power and those with the right information are more powerful than those who just consume the most. Frey Robotics was established because Donald wanted to inform people about the current state of technology and to present technology news in a way that gives people comfort and hope. Too often, the reporting on subjects like robotics spent too much space discussing the disruptive power of technology. That was making people fearful and anxious about the future, which does no one any good.

Donald Kerry Frey firmly believes that automation and robotics can and will move society forward in ways we can’t even imagine right now. It will make relatively simple tasks more efficient and effective over the long haul, and that will lead to a brighter future. That is why the Frey Robotics site has fewer articles about issues like job displacement and major societal adjustments and more about the wonder of how the world is moving into the future.